Shawn Rudiman reveals new album, Conduit

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  • It's up for pre-sale on Bandcamp today via Pittsburgh Tracks, with an exclusive track for download.
  • Shawn Rudiman reveals new album, Conduit image
  • Shawn Rudiman will release his latest LP, Conduit, via Pittsburgh Tracks, on June 5th. The Pittsburgh producer is known for his labyrinthine hardware studio and lately, his prolific output. "Conduit contains moments from the last two or so years of my life. There have been a lot of trying times and ups and downs in there," is how Rudiman describes the album. "These moments are the exhaust of that life. Some more subjective than others. We are simply conduits for whatever flows through our cores. We tap into it. We allow it to flow through us. As it takes shape, we select its forms and hone its output. We are simply conduit for our work. Maintain the flow state." Rudiman's recent releases include a collaborative EP with Jordan GCZ, AMS>PIT and Autonomic Pilot, a 12-inch that came out via Tresor last year. Conduit will be out on double-LP in June, as well as digitally. It's up for presale today on Bandcamp, with an exclusive track for download. Listen to that cut, "Basics."
    Tracklist 01. The Best Scene In Film 02. Half Life 03. Leaving Earth Behind 04. Voidesque 05. Stelline Memories 06. Basics 07. Midwest Water 08. Lead Water 09. Hausalarm 10. Fighting The Flow 11. Simplexity Pittsburgh Tracks will release Conduit on June 5th, 2020.