Elysia Crampton is releasing her fifth album, ORCORARA 2010

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  • The LP lands on PAN tomorrow.
  • Elysia Crampton is releasing her fifth album, ORCORARA 2010 image
  • Elysia Crampton is dropping her fifth album this week. ORCORARA 2010 centers fugitives of Christian violence and intergenerational trauma. Compositionally, the LP consists of spoken word, '80s synths, nature sounds, acoustic guitar and piano. The record is also dedicated to the life of Paul Sousa, who worked for years as an inmate firefighter across the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The 12-track record is due out on PAN tomorrow, May 1st. Crampton is an Aymara poet and experimental producer known to draw on her heritage throughout her catalog. In 2018, she released a self-titled album, which was heavily influenced by the Andean music of Bolivia and Peru. Listen to "Morning Star-Red Glare-Sequoia Bridge."
    Tracklist 01. Secret Ravine 02. Dog Clouds feat. Jeremy Rojas 03. Morning Star-Red Glare-Sequoia Bridge feat. Jeremy Rojas 04. Grove feat. Embaci 05. Sierra Nevada (feat. Jeremy Rojas 06. Homeless (Q'ara) 07. Amaru (Dried Pine) 08. Crucifixion feat. Shannon Funchess 09. Spring Of Wound 10. Crest feat. Fanny Chuquimia 11. Abolition 12. Flora feat. Jeremy Rojas PAN will release ORCORARA 2010 on May 1st, 2020.