Kyle Hall releases new EP, The Shark

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  • It's the second record on his new Forget The Clock label.
  • Kyle Hall releases new EP, The Shark image
  • Kyle Hall just put out a new record called The Shark. The new 12-inch comes on the Detroit artist's newest imprint, Forget The Clock, which launched back in January with an EP of the same name. The Shark features five new tunes (as well as a "hidden vinyl bonus track") covering both the jazzy, funky bent of his more recent work as well as the crunchy house of his older material. A limited edition comes on "aquatic blue" vinyl. Listen to "Shark."
    Tracklist A1 Shark A2 Vexed B1 Distant B2 Slam Deep B3 Channel & Transmission The Shark is out now via Forget The Clock.