John Frusciante and Aura T-09 launch Evar Records

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  • The label launched with a four-track EP from Frusciante's Trickfinger project.
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  • Evar Records has launched with an EP from John Frusciante's Trickfinger project and a single from Aura T-09. Frusciante and Aura T-09, real name Marcia Pinna, see the new label as a place where artists can release projects that don't fit into the "aesthetic specificity of most electronic labels," as well as an outlet for non-formulaic, risk-taking music. Trickfinger's Look Down, See Us is a four-track record spanning IDM, 7/4 time-signature jungle and other styles. The Red Hot Chili Peppers member used a different drum machine on each track, including the Yamaha RY30 and the Roland R-8, and recorded other elements, such as a Yamaha DX7 and a modular setup, into the tracker program Renoise. Evar cofounder Aura T-09 collaborated with Bootee on the label's second release, a single called "In Dreams." The trance track includes vocals written about Bootee's experience as a DACA "dreamer," which take on a wider resonance in light of the current global travel restrictions. Future Evar releases, from the likes of Wheez-ie and Speed Dealer Moms (the collaboration between Frusciante, Venetian Snares and Chris McDonald), are in the works. Listen to Trickfinger's Look Down, See Us, and revisit our 2015 profile.
    Watch the video for Aura T-09 "In Dreams feat. Bootee."
    Tracklist Trickfinger - Look Down, See Us 01. GR 8 02. Meaning To 03. Cymm Trace 04. Look Down, See Us Aura T-09 - In Dreams 01. In Dreams feat. Bootee Look Down, See Us and In Dreams are out now.