Seth Troxler shares over 300 hours worth of mixes

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  • It includes live recordings and back-to-back sets with Jamie Jones and Ricardo Villalobos.
  • Seth Troxler shares over 300 hours worth of mixes image
  • Seth Troxler just released a huge archive of his own mixes. The 151-mix archive was uploaded as a SoundCloud playlist this morning, featuring over 300 hours worth of mixes. It collects live recordings from clubs like Rex Club, The Warehouse Project, TV Lounge and more, plus back-to-back sets with Jamie Jones, Ricardo Villalobos, Laurent Garnier and the recently reunited Visionquest. "There have been a lot of my mixes uploaded to the various corners of the internet over the years, and I've also been storing a whole lot more on my drive without any intention of ever releasing them," Troxler says. "Given the current pandemic, however, I thought it would be nice to collate all these mixes into one mega-playlist. Most are amazing, some are OK, and some are from another world." "It's my desire that fans can find a moment that touched them on the dance floor, unlock special memories of better days long forgotten whilst creating new ones at home," he adds. "I've always believed that DJing is something that happens in the moment, and these are some of those moments that we have shared over the past 13 years. Love to you all." Listen to the playlist.