Aleksi Perälä plots out two-album series, Oscillation

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  • The two albums from the colundi innovator will come out on respective Clone sub-labels.
  • Aleksi Perälä plots out two-album series, Oscillation image
  • Aleksi Perälä will release Oscillation 1 and Oscillation 2 on Clone Basement Series and Clone - Dub Recordings respectively. The label says Oscillation 1 is more straight-ahead, but still experimental, techno comparable to Lucy, while Oscillation 2 goes further off-piste, encompassing fourth-world, EBM and two-step garage influences. On both LPs, the Finnish producer uses "128 resonant colundi frequencies to create an oscillation perfected to 33.3 rpm for infinite effect." The two Clone sub-labels will release each album in limited coloured and regular vinyl editions. For more on Perälä and his novel tuning system, colundi, check out Angus Finlayson's profile from 2015. LIsten to clips from Oscillation 1 and 2.
    Tracklist Oscillation 1 01. NLL561908690 02. NLL561908691 03. NLL561908692 04. NLL561908693 05. NLL561908694 06. NLL561908695 Oscillation 2 01. NLL561908699 02. NLL561908700 03. NLL561908701 04. NLL561908702 05. NLL561908703 06. NLL561908704 Clone Basement Series will release Oscillation 1 on March 30th, 2020. Clone - Dub Recordings will release Oscillation 2 on April 27th, 2020.