Tin Man and Patricia team up as Ociya on new album and EP

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  • Both records are out via Acid Test in April.
  • Tin Man and Patricia team up as Ociya on new album and EP image
  • Tin Man and Patricia have collaborated as Ociya for a pair of records coming on Acid Test. As Ociya, the two hardware-loving producers "come together in unholy acid matrimony," according to the label. There are two records due—an eight-track double-LP called Powers Of Ten and a 12-inch simply called Acid Test 15, which also features remixes from Plasmic Eddy and Magnetopause. (The latter is digital-only.) All tracks were recorded live to two-track tape in Patricia's New York studio, with no edits or overdubs. Recently, Tin Man has also collaborated with AAAA under the name DOVS. Listen to "Spring On Jupiter."
    Tracklist Powers Of Ten A1 Powers Of Ten A2 Ghost Moons B1 Overview Effect B2 Control Subsystem C1 Hopeful Galaxy C2 Gravity Knots D1 Spring On Jupiter D2 Star Scaping Acid Test 15 A1 Solar Flare A2 Ghost Moons B1 Delta Sector Discotech B2 Gravity Knots (Plasmic Eddy Remix) Acid Test will release Powers Of Ten and Acid Test 15 on April 27th, 2020.