Adam X celebrates 25 years of Sonic Groove with double-LP compilation

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  • Dasha Rush, Orphx, Rhys Fulber and Adam X himself feature on the 12-track set, out April 20th.
  • Adam X celebrates 25 years of Sonic Groove with double-LP compilation image
  • Sonic Groove - 25 Years : 1995-2020, a double-vinyl compilation marking 25 years of the storied techno label, is coming in April. The 12-track set, which will come on vinyl and digital, features mainstays of the label from recent years, including Orphx, Dasha Rush, Max Durante and Realmz. It leads off with a new track from '90s R&S Records alumnus The Source Experience, AKA Robert Leiner, and features a cut from label head Adam X, appropriately titled "Standing The Test Of Time." In addition to the compilation, out April 20th, Sonic Groove will throw 25th anniversary parties around the world. There will be three parties at Tresor—the first of which goes down this Friday. In addition, there will be a Sonic Groove 25th Anniversary Party over Movement weekend in Detroit, with DJ sets from the trio of Sonic Groove founders—Adam X, Frankie Bones and Heather Heart—and live performances from Orphx, Rhys Fulber, Realmz and Maedon. Tickets for that one are available here on RA.
    We spoke with Adam X about the past, present and future of Sonic Groove. It seems like Sonic Groove has always been oriented around a core crew of artists. How has this network changed over the years, and how is that reflected on Sonic Groove - 25 Years? Yes this is very true, in the early days the first wave of artists such as Neil Landstrumm, Abe Duque, Reade Truth, Dietrich Schonemann were very tight friends with Frankie Bones, Heather Heart and myself who were running the Sonic Groove record store in NYC at the time. We all hung out a lot back then. Reade and Dietrich were also working at the shop. So it was a very family oriented vibe. During the start of the millennium, I became bored with jacking techno and began to steer the label into a much more contemporary industrialized techno and EBM sound. This would break up the original core, as other then Reade, none were interested in my new found love for industrial and EBM. It would take several years before I would build the next core of label artists. It started in 2007 with Realmz and then in 2008 with Orphx and Dasha Rush joining the fray. Then over the course of the next ten years, Rhys Fulber, Panacea, Max Durante, Crystal Geometry, Diagenetic Origin, Henning Baer, Monolith and Northern Structures all would record multiple releases for the label. Now entering into the roaring '20s, I'm extremely excited to add four more artists. The one thing I want with the label is an equal balance between veteran artists and up-and-comers that I want to break on the scene. So this year the new veteran to join comes in the form of Robert Leiner/The Source Experience, one of my favorite techno artists from the '90s and a very old friend. Then comes Maedon who I've nominated EBM techno queen. She will for sure play a pivotal role in Sonic Groove's future. Also joining the gang is Ireen Amnes who will be releasing a full-length ambient masterpiece in two months time and who will also record techno for the label as well. She is a killer DJ to boot. I want to make her an integral part of the roster too. Then forthcoming is Rawkorder a young French artist who is making killer industrial techno. So though the song doesn't remain the same, the modus operandi of Sonic Groove is always the same in pushing forward thinking electronic music
    ###Adam X with Sonic Groove cofounder Heather Heart at his shop in NYC in 1992. (Top photo also features Frankie Bones.)
    Beyond the compilation, can you tell us about your plans for celebrating 25 years of Sonic Groove? There will be several anniversary parties this year. There will be three editions coming at Tresor with the first one happening this Friday, then Paradigm and Paxahau are organizing a big Movement afterparty in Detroit with the North American side of the roster. There is an LA show planned for August 22nd with a lineup TBA, as well as a Brussels show planned in early October with Crystal Geometry, Maedon and I. Also I'm currently in talks about organizing a NYC event with BASEMENT at the end of May and a special event in autumn in Barcelona with the organizers of the awesome Ombra festival. I'm sure there will be more to add soon too. Release wise, the label is set to release albums from The Source Experience, Orphx, Maedon, Realmz, Ireen Amnes and The Panacea this year. What keeps you excited about techno? Why is it still a vital genre you're glad to dedicate your life to? It's the rhythm of my life. The energy that makes me tick. It's hard to think of life without it. I'll surely be listening to it until the very end as it invokes great memories and also provides many visions of the future. For more from Adam X, check out our recent feature, A Factory Burns, And Vinyl Faces An Uncertain Future. Listen to The Source Experience's "Subar."
    Tracklist A1 The Source Experience - Subar A2 Max Durante - Mondo Violento A3 Orphx - Revolt & Love B1 Diagenetic Origin - Born Against B2 Panacea - Storm B3 Maedon - Vorsicht C1 Rhys Fulber/Portion Control - Dodge The Bullet C2 Crystal Geometry - State Violence C3 Monolith - Take Control D1 Adam X - Standing The Test Of Time D2 Dasha Rush - Romance 22 D3 Realmz - Hellbent Sonic Groove will release 25 Years : 1995-2020 on April 20th, 2020. Photo credit: Adam X