The new Jex Opolis album is a 'midlife crisis with drum machines'

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  • The New York-based artist put out his second full-length on Good Timin' today.
  • The new Jex Opolis album is a 'midlife crisis with drum machines' image
  • Jex Opolis just released his second album, Net Worth, on his own Good Timin' imprint. The 11-track LP is Jered Stuffco's second full-length, following his 2017 LP, Ravines, and EPs for Dekmantel, Running Back and his own label. "The idea was to finish this album before my 40th birthday and the birth of my first child, I guess as a last document of my dying youth," says Stuffco, calling the LP a "midlife crisis with drum machines." "I deleted my Facebook and Instagram so I could focus on songwriting, but without those regular dopamine hits, I found myself reverting to my moody teenage influences like Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire and New Order," Jex continues. Check out our Playing Favourites feature with Jex Opolis. Net Worth is out on Bandcamp today and will be up on streaming services March 20th. Listen to Net Worth via Bandcamp.
    Tracklist 01. What Am I Gonna Do? 02. Listen To The Band 03. Dark Power 04. Overtime 05. Want It Now 06. The Love Photography 07. I'll Give You Everything 08. Net Worth 09. Opivoid 10. Doing Nothing 11. Subsystem Net Worth is out today via Good Timin'.