Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space radio show under threat

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  • WNYU has cut the beloved long-running broadcast by an hour, with only a week's notice.
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  • Tim Sweeney's long-running Beats In Space radio show is at risk. The New York artist shared an open letter, titled "Don't Cut Beats In Space," from the WNYU community to the New York University's college radio station management calling for them to reverse their decision to chop the beloved show's two-and-a-half-hour slot down by one hour. "The news has compelled us, a group of WNYU past and present members, to write this note urging the station management to reconsider this decision for two reasons," the letter reads. "First, as fans and listeners of WNYU, who feel like Beats In Space contributes immensely to the music culture of the station, New York and beyond. Second, as former station management who are concerned about the abruptness of this decision, and the disservice that discarding an important and long-standing show does to the station's listenership." The letter says the change will be put into effect next week, "giving [Sweeney] little options for moving forward with his show, often booked months in advance with guests." (The lists of guests includes a mix of intentionally renowned DJ and producers, as well as local heroes, such as Ben UFO, Avalon Emerson, DJ Harvey, Mike Servito, Kim Ann Foxman, Mister Saturday Night and Aurora Halal.) It also goes on to praise Sweeney's role as a mentor to station members and the show's global reach, wide range of content and critical acclaim. Beats In Space launched in 1999. In 2011, it started a label arm and also regularly puts on parties, reaching 1,000 shows last July. Its 20th anniversary celebrations in 2019 included launching a new mix series, with Powder handling the first, RA-recommended instalment. Listen back to an RA Exchange with Tim Sweeney from July 2019, and revisit our 2014 feature on the 15th anniversary of Beats In Space.
    Read the full open letter on Facebook. Update: Following an outpouring of support and a meeting with WNYU management, Tim Sweeney announced that Beats In Space will keep its Tuesday timeslot of 10:30 PM to 1 AM local time. Photo credit: Calli Higgins