Courtesy's Kulør celebrates Copenhagen's scene with new compilation

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  • Kulør006 is due out February 21st, following the premiere of a 30-minute film on the 20th.
  • Courtesy's Kulør celebrates Copenhagen's scene with new compilation image
  • Kulør is putting out a new compilation. Spread out over 11 tracks, Kulør006 celebrates the softer side of the Copenhagen scene (known best for fast techno and trance), featuring appearances from the likes of Schacke, Sofie Birch, Astrid Sonne and DJ IBON. The full-length will come accompanied by a music video and installation, cphwarp, which is a 30-minute piece by Danish artist David Stjernholm soundtracked by a mix of Kulør006 from Courtesy. A day prior to the album's release, the video will be screened at the International Art Centre Copenhagen Contemporary. Kulør is a Danish label founded in 2018 by Denmark-based artist Courtesy. Since its inception, the imprint has released a steady stream of albums, all showcasing Copenhagen's forward-thinking sound. This is the label's second compilation following its inaugural release, Kulør001, put out in 2018. Listen to "Dares Soar."
    Tracklist A1 Schacke - The End Of Ecstasy A2 SØS Gunver Ryberg - Shapeshifter A3 Sofie Birch - Look A4 Gel - Scented A5 Astrid Sonne - Swirl B1 Varnrable - Cold Bright Hard Light B2 Minais B - To Levende Væsener B3 Lyra Valenza - Never Rest B4 X & Yde - Dares Soar B5 IBON - Sorgpad B6 Splash Pattern - Os Kulør will release Kulør 006 on February 21st, 2020.