Landlords cancel Cocktail d'Amore's Griessmuehle closing party

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    Mon, Jan 20, 2020, 15:35
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  • Owners SIAG Property reportedly offered then revoked a three-day extension for a February 1st to 3rd party hosted by the much-loved event.
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  • Griessmuehle's property owners SIAG Property II GmbH have forced the cancellation of the final Cocktail d'Amore party at the venue. While many feared the Berlin club would be closed by the end of the month, party founders Discodromo disclosed today that the event had been granted an extensions for a final party from February 1st to 3rd, only for it to be revoked by SIAG following public protest against the club's closure. "After seeing activists campaigning to help save the space, SIAG Property, clearly upset by community outcry, decided it would no longer honor the three-day extension. The current owner would now like to quickly resell the site to make space for new commercial building units destroying the club," he wrote on Facebook. Sign the petition to save Griessmuehle here. Discodromo are celebrating Cocktail d'Amore's tenth anniversary with a new compilation and retrospective book.