Borusiade announces second album, Fortunate Isolation

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  • Dark Entries will handle the nine-track release, out in February.
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  • Borusiade will release her second album, Fortunate Isolation, on Dark Entries this February. Miruna Boruzescu, who has often tackled narrative themes with her vocals, ruminates on the end of the anthropocene on Fortunate Isolation. "I know that this place, our home has went through so many other extinctions, but I believe things will find their own way on this planet only once we are gone," she says. "Entropy creates a timeline but also a transformation—a new beginning." Borusiade, who has carved out a unique, '80s-inflected sound across releases for labels like Unterton, Cititrax and Cómeme (who put out her debut album, A Body), is a natural fit for Josh Cheon's prolific label. It's Dark Entries first contemporary release of the year, following its reissue of Severed Heads' 1981 album, Clean. Check out our Machine Love feature on Borusiade. Listen to clips from Fortunate Isolation.
    Tracklist 01. Welcome Them 02. Time (No Time) 03. When I Read The News Today 04. Mirror Hall (This Relief) 05. They Pass By 06. The Death Of A Desire (A Ghost) 07. Lament (Fortunate Isolation) 08. To The Self 09. Follow Dark Entries will release Fortunate Isolation on February 7th, 2020.