Dark Entries reissue Severed Heads' 1981 debut album, Clean

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  • The set comes with a bonus disc featuring unreleased tracks and live performances.
  • Dark Entries reissue Severed Heads' 1981 debut album, Clean image
  • The first Dark Entries release of 2020 is a reissue of Severed Heads' debut album. Clean, originally released in 1981, was the first full-length proper (sometimes referred to as their second, after some small-run tapes) from the Australian electronic group led by Tom Ellard. Showcasing a rougher sound than the industrial and synth pop-influenced style the band would develop later, a contemporary review of Clean describes the LP as "an ugly album that you simply cannot ignore... it thuds and screeches and makes you stare just to wonder what kind of people would procure such an album." Most of the record was written and performed by Ellard on synths, sequencer and tape machine, with other instrumentation from Garry Bradbury. The Dark Entries reissue features the original opener, "Food City," missing from past reissues, as well as a raft of bonus material that includes live performances, the Side 3 cassette and a demo tape that Dark Entries says surfaced just last year. 25 percent of all proceeds for the Clean reissue will go towards the Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities in Australia. Dark Entries has reissued material from Ellard and Severed Heads in the past, including Ellard's 80s Cheesecake and the 1986 album Come Visit The Big Bigot. Listen to clips.
    Tracklist 01. Food City 02. On Own Home 03. Charivari 04. Nightsong 05. Car Advertisement 06. Love 07. Don't Saxophone 08. Book 09. Tiny Fingers 10. Heavily Tatooed Men + Women 11. Violins And Moonlight 12. Stomach 13. You Will 14. Turtledove 15. Flower 16. Clean Loops 17. Floopness 18. Ladies + Gents Digital 19. Somehow Pain 20. Subjective 21. Always Randy 22. Unbreakable 23. Traumat 24. Opera 25. Siren Dark Entries will release Clean on January 24th, 2020.