Phuong Dan joins Prague club Ankali's resident roster

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  • His Night Came Early residency begins on January 24th with JASSS and Philip Berg.
  • Phuong Dan joins Prague club Ankali's resident roster image
  • Ankali's newest resident is Phuong Dan. The Hamburg-based DJ joins the Prague club's roster of residents alongside Claudio PRC, Møreti and Eva Porating, among others. The longtime Golden Pudel resident will kick off the new series, called Night Came Early, on January 24th, 2020, with JASSS and Philip Berg. In an interview with the club, Dan describes developing the residency. "I don't just wanna come and do a common thing," he says. "If you always have a structure (I warm up and my guests have the main time), all of us will do what we are used to do on our own. I thought it could be interesting to bring together people who never met each other and see what happens on spot. It's more about navigating, being open and playful... It can be a chance to show people something different and a chance to surprise yourself and each other. If they don't like it, they don't like it—that's fair enough. But maybe they enjoy themselves and dive in. You never know." Night Came Early will also have its own mix series, with Philip Berg handling the inaugural mix.
    Listen back to Phuong Dan's RA Podcast from earlier this year.
    Photo credit: Fabian Hammerl