Amazon announces AI music-making tool, AWS DeepComposer

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    Tue, Dec 3, 2019, 10:10
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  • The system makes complete tracks based on a single melody.
  • Amazon announces AI music-making tool, AWS DeepComposer image
  • Amazon has introduced AWS DeepComposer, a "musical keyboard powered by AI." DeepComposer is a physical 32-key keyboard powered by generative artificial intelligence. You provide the system with a melody that is then sent to DeepComposer models running on the AWS cloud. The model then automatically generates a song based on the input by adding different instruments and a structure specific to a "wide variety of genres," including rock, jazz, classical and pop. It uses two networks, a generator model and a discriminator model, to train each other. You can also build your own generative models using Amazon's SageMaker product. DeepComposer will cost $99 and is due out soon. Amazon was recently boycotted by artists protesting the company's affiliation with ICE. It also attracted criticism following the launch of a music festival called Intersect. Learn more about the intersection of AI and music in this feature.