Gerard Hanson reveals second E.R.P. album, Exomoon

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  • It's out next month via Forgotten Future.
  • Gerard Hanson reveals second E.R.P. album, Exomoon image
  • Gerard Hanson, AKA Convextion, has a new album coming under his E.R.P. alias. Though the Texan electro artist has been making music as E.R.P. since 1996, he only released his debut album under the name in 2018. His second LP, Exomoon, will come out on Forgotten Future, the same label that handled the first. It's due out December 2nd. Listen to clips via Hardwax, and read more about Hanson and the Dallas electro scene in Andrew Ryce's deep dive from earlier this year.
    Tracklist A1 Searchlight A2 Lost Colony B1 Ice Mine B2 Moon Miner's Plight C1 Blockade C2 Beacon Monitor System D1 Light Of S.A.M. D2 Rescue Forgotten Future will release Exomoon on December 2nd, 2019.