Romania's Club Guesthouse to close in May 2020

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  • The pivotal Bucharest venue, which opened nearly ten years ago, will be turned into housing.
  • Romania's Club Guesthouse to close in May 2020 image
  • Romanian venue Club Guesthouse will close at the end of May next year. The Bucharest club announced the news via Facebook on Wednesday. "It is with a heavy heart we have to announce that next summer the building hosting us is destined to be demolished in favor of a mixed-use residential building," the venue's team wrote. The closing event will take place in May 2020, after which the team hopes to open in new location. Club Guesthouse opened in late 2010 and is credited with shaping the "Romanian sound." Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and Raresh are regulars of the club, which often hosts long day parties and puts an emphasis on extended sets. Club Guesthouse's ninth anniversary party is set to take place on December 7th with a TBA lineup. The rest of the programme through early January includes Lena Willikens, Edward, Ion Ludwig, Khidja, Raresh and Rhadoo. Read Club Guesthouse's full post. Listen to the Club Guesthouse podcast series.