London club The Cause to trial potential new venue on New Year's Eve

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  • The team only has the North London warehouse space for one night, though that might change.
  • London club The Cause to trial potential new venue on New Year's Eve image
  • London club The Cause is trialling a potential new venue on New Year's Eve. The event will be split between the new space, set within an undisclosed, 750-capacity North London warehouse, and the original Tottenham venue, which is due to close for good on NYE. On the night, shuttle buses will run between the two locations. (The journey only takes four minutes.) The lineup won't be revealed, though punters can "expect some heavyweight selectors," according to the press release. Currently, the team only have the new space for one night. "Since we opened, we were always hunting for our next site," The Cause cofounder Stuart Glen says. "For a variety of reasons, quite simply, none of them have been perfect. However we knew when we stepped inside here, that we could recreate the magic we're known for if we can win over the powers that be." Glen continues: "We have a lot of battles... If we don't win these, our dreams here will never evolve. As such, we've seized the opportunity and are extending our last dance in our current space into the first dance of what may or may not be our new home." The new space was discovered by a 55-year-old Romanian man named Nikolai, who works at a chocolate factory across the street. He's a regular at The Cause. (Pictured below, middle.) Since opening in April 2018, The Cause has raised more than £50,000 for various mental health charities—double its original goal. Threads Radio, the online community station housed within the building, is currently crowdfunding in preparation for the closure.