Phase Fatale's second album, Scanning Backwards, is 'tailored' for Berghain

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  • The LP will come out via the Berlin club's Ostgut Ton label on January 24th.
  • Phase Fatale's second album, Scanning Backwards, is 'tailored' for Berghain image
  • Phase Fatale wrote his second album, Scanning Backwards, with the Berghain dance floor in mind. The US artist, real name Hayden Payne, is a resident at the Berlin techno club. Out on January 24th, the new record will come out on Berghain's in-house label Ostgut Ton, which released his Reverse Fall EP in 2018. "All tracks on the album, no matter the style, were tailored to sound a certain way in Berghain—something I figured out through years of dancing in the middle of the floor, DJing as a resident and investigating what frequencies really penetrate the body," Phase Fatale says. He continues: "This includes speech and high-frequency, brain-penetrating instrumentation and drilling textures that I had not utilized so often before, but which I think also have an effect on thought and memory. It's especially true in a space where gay and fetish roots combine with music in unexpected ways, almost in a cultish manner. A musical and physical deprogramming and reprogramming, psychic driving and de-patterning, the erasing and replacing of memories." Revisit Phase Fatale's RA Podcast from 2017.
    Tracklist 01. Velvet Imprints 02. Binding By Oath 03. Polystyrene 04. During The Freezing Process 05. Mass Deception 06. Proxy Contact 07. De-patterning 08. Splintered Heels Ostgut Ton will release Scanning Backwards on January 24th, 2020. Photo credit: Cristina Cipriani