Valesuchi, Silent Servant contribute to 51-track benefit compilation, Despertar: Chile

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  • It'll aid human rights organizations as the South American country experiences extreme political unrest.
  • Valesuchi, Silent Servant contribute to 51-track benefit compilation, Despertar: Chile image
  • A new compilation seeks to aid human rights organizations in Chile. Valesuchi, Silent Servant, BADSISTA, Nicola Cruz, Verraco, Paula Tape, Julianna, Alessandro Adriani and Florian Kupfer are among the artists contributing material to the 51-track compilation, Despertar: Chile, out now on Bandcamp. The South American country is currently experiencing intense political unrest as protestors mobilize against the country's extreme economic and social inequality under President Sebastián Piñera. Proceeds from Despertar: Chile will go towards institutions (none specified at this time) working on the ground in Chile. The Bandcamp description, written by Buenos Aires-based artist f.a.n.g.o., provides more context.
    "In October 2019, boosted by the new generations irreverence, millions of people [fought] for a life that's worthwhile to live. [P]resident Piñera's government replied with the only language they know to attend [to these] demands: repression. In different cities throughout the country, protesters are being killed, tortured and raped by the brutal police and military force, while the media hides the crimes of the state. [P]resident Piñera insists on the need of going back to 'normal,' but people don't accept this normality anymore. We believe that in the crevices that music allows and in the international networks that are weaved around artistic creation, as it is in the extended protests around the globe, the pulse beats as a promise of a non-liberal existence, determined by solidarity and empathy. This compilation, that will allocate the funds raised to human rights institutions, voices this conviction and hopes that these recent events are only the starting point for a deep and unstoppable transformation."
    Read the full statement here. Listen to the compilation.
    Tracklist 01. Alessandro Adriani - All Your Future In The darkness 02. Alisú - Asesino de tu pueblo 03. Ana Gartner - Meteoritos Sobre Marte 04. Anna Cook & Futuro Fósil - 2CP 05. Aristidez - ASMR 06. Aurelius98 - Control 07. BADSISTA - Chamas 08. Buen Clima - Chaplin 09. Caina~ - A.L. Pulsa 10. Cautiverio - Sweets To The Sweet 11. Christopher Joseph - Translucid 12. Daniel Klauser - 002 13. Dany F - Plaza Paradisio 14. DESAMPA - Gangrena 15. Diegors - Santiago, 25 de Octubre de 2019 16. DJ Rafael - 01-pm 17. DJ Raff - La Calle 18. Elias Deepman - Cosmic S 19. Exterminador - Illusions Of Democracy 20. F600 - unadecisionpolitica 21. Fantasna - Falso 22. Florian Kupfer - Eye Opener 23. Itesa - Verdades Ocultas 24. Julianna - Corriendo 25. La Fraicheur & A-ide - Hubble Flow 26. Lechuga Zafiro - Carne Saliva Timbal 27. LVZ - Batty 28. Masot - Destitución 29. maxicat - Urgente 30. Mekas - Global Skin 31. Mind Safari - Black Samurai 32. Mucho Suen~o - Oblivion 33. Nabucodonosor - Curico´ XX-1 (Alto al Fuego) 34. Ngly - Defekt 35. Nico - Minamata 36. Nicola Cruz - Fauna Extinta 37. Paula Tape - Destapen 38. Rave99 - AI5552 39. Repetentes 2008 - Acavalcan Ritmos (Baterias Mix) 40. Retrograde Youth - When The Power Is Afraid 41. Robert Nikolajev - Interlude 1 42. Roberta Von - 14 43. Serial Tila - Lista Negra 44. Silent Servant - Untitled 45. Stefanie Egedy - Acúmulos 46. Thingamajicks - Repressed Biodespot 47. Tomas Urquieta - Nunca Hubo Tiempo 48. Valesuchi - Flying V's 49. Verraco - Hijos del Sur 50. VNZO - Violencia 11 51. Zed Kappa - Silent Running Despertar: Chile is out now. Photo credit: Natalia Reyes Escobar