Clark returns with rave-inspired new single, Branding Problem

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  • The two-track release is a reaction to the ubiquity of streaming background music.
  • Clark returns with rave-inspired new single, Branding Problem image
  • Clark is back with a new release called Branding Problem. "I've been quite amused at how easy it is to stream background music these days," the long-time UK producer says in the text accompanying the single. "How accessible it all is and how entitled we all feel to it, like it's some sort of air freshener you spray in your Uber." Branding Problem is a two-track, club-oriented single meant to address this "air freshener" music, partly inspired by an imaginary scenario where "Elon Musk does a streaming deal, so he can prance around controlling nano implant VR chips for one million amortal coastal elites, while the rest of us don’t have electricity and only manage one rave a year—to a soundsystem powered by rationed candles." Clark also notes influences from early rave, Detroit techno and the UK hardcore continuum. The single will come out on Clark's Thottle Records in late November. Listen to B-side "Legacy Pet."
    Tracklist 01. Branding Problem 02. Legacy Pet Clark will release Branding PRoblem on November 22nd, 2019.