Pegz turns hip-hop on a new Axis

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    Thu, 1 Sep 2005, 03:18
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  • The head of Obese Records returns with a new album, Axis, which is sure to prove huge on playlists thanks to Pegz's addictive lyrics.
  • Pegz turns hip-hop on a new Axis image
  • Not just an artist, Pegz (formerly known as MC Pegasus) is also known as the man behind Obese Records, Australia's largest hip-hop label, retail store and touring and distribution company. He also recently purchased Zenith Records, the only record pressing facility in the Southern Hemisphere and his business acumen extends to running Zoo Dynamics, which is the international side of Obese Records, giving international releases to Australian hip hop acts. Now after 18 months of hibernation in the studio, Pegz has burst back onto the hip hop scene with the release of his new album Axis on September 5. Recorded with production master Plutonic Lab, the album has an organic feels of breaks, keyboards, and guitars blended with obscure and courageous samples to create a dark but funky album with upbeat energy. Lyrically the album covers many themes, both though provoking and well structured. The soon to be an anthem "Back Then" is one of the standout tracks, looking back to the past and iconic possessions such as Air Jordans, Swatches, and Levi's. "This is for Life" done with the Hilltop Hoods is another track that has you bopping along while the lads rhyme about their lifestyle as long-term performers and artists. It's very fun, and those RSL performances may yet come true! The album is packed with guest appearances including Pegz's own sister Reagan doing soulful vocals, the Hilltop Hoods, DJ Bonez, and more with well placed cuts by DJ Selekt. Check this one for sure! Pegz "Axis" Tracklisting 01. Intro 02. Chechen Gorilla 03. Back Then 04. Cro-magnon 05. This is for Life feat. Hilltop Hoods 06. What Could Happen? 07. Fuckin Wid Pegz 08. Two Sides of the Map feat. Debaser 09. The Last Bushman 10. Blink of an Eye 11. Put the World on Hold 12. Mad Luv feat. Hyjak N Torcha 13. Living on Earth 14. Zenith