Tresor Records celebrates 20 years of Juan Atkins' Metroplex

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    Thu, Jul 28, 2005, 04:10
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  • German label Tresor Records, will showcase Juan Atkin's fine works with a 23 track release.
  • Tresor Records celebrates 20 years of Juan Atkins' Metroplex image
  • Over the last two decades the inspirational Detroit based innovator Juan Atkins has brought us immense aural joy through his historic Metroplex label. German label Tresor Records, with which he has had a constant affinity throughout the past 10 years, will showcase his fine works with 23 (hand selected by the man himself) tracks in the upcoming ‘20 Years Metroplex: 1985 – 2005’. This anthology marks his first new works on the Berlin based label since his ‘The Berlin Sessions CD & LP’ release. The bulk of the album will come from his Metroplex label, whilst a few Cybotron project tracks make it onto the project. Featured here are solid electronic composition favourites ‘Clear’, ‘No UFO’s’, ‘The Chase’, ‘The Passage’ and ‘Off To Battle’.
    Tracklisting: - 20 Years Metroplex: 1985 – 2005’ 01. Alleys Of Your Mind 02. Future 03. Starlight 04. Vessels In Distress 05. Technicolor 06 .The Chase 07. R9 08. Game One 09. Jazz Is The Teacher 10. Cosmic Cars 11. I Wanna Be Free 12. Clear 13. Dreamaker 14. Skyway 15. No UFO's 16. Nightdrive (Thru Babylon) 17. Ocean To Ocean 18. Something About The Music 19. Off To Battle 20. Cosmic Raindance 21. The Flow 22. Other Side Of Life 23. The Passage
    Out now and definitely one for the techno archives.