Theo Parrish teases new album, drops new single

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  • "This Is For You," featuring Maurissa Rose, is out now.
  • Theo Parrish teases new album, drops new single image
  • Theo Parrish and Detroit-based vocalist Maurissa Rose will release a two-track 12-inch called This Is For You via Sound Signature. Parrish has been relatively quiet this year, putting out one EP featuring members of Hiatus Koyote, but the center label for This Is For You indicates this new track comes from a forthcoming album, Wuddaji. A new LP would be Parrish's first since 2014's American Intelligence. Rose, who provides the vocal on A-side of the new single, has previously collaborated with Eddie "Flashing" Fowlkes and Alton Miller. A white-label of the 12-inch began circulating this past May at Parrish's annual Movement weekend party. Read our label of the month feature on Parrish's well-loved imprint, Sound Signature. Listen to clips from Theo Parrish and Maurissa Rose's "This Is For You."
    Tracklist A This Is For You feat. Maurissa Rose B This Is For You (Instrumental) Sound Signature will release This Is For You in mid-November, 2019.