Grouper to reissue Roy Montgomery's 1995 debut album, Scenes From The South Island

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  • The new version of the LP features three unreleased tracks.
  • Grouper to reissue Roy Montgomery's 1995 debut album, Scenes From The South Island image
  • Experimental guitarist Roy Montgomery's debut album Scenes From The South Island is being reissued on double-LP via Grouper's Yellow Electric label. Montgomery's 1995 album was originally released on Drunken Fish in 1995. It features four-track guitar recording that the New Zealand artist made during his inaugural trip to the US. The new version of Scenes From The South Island features three unreleased songs made around the same time. Among the inspirations for the LP were "thoughts about good places to die both here and there. The land talking to me. The dead talking to me. Spirit guides. Pathways in the brain. Luck. Another room on the other side of the continent on the Lower East Side with almost the exact same setup for recording," according to Montgomery. In addition to his collaborations with Grouper on Yellow Electric, Montgomery has long been a staple of the Kranky roster, releasing another solo album—Temple IV—shortly after. In addition to his solo recording career, Montgomery was also a pioneering space rock artist, forming bands like Dissolve, Dadamah, The Pin Group, The Blanking Machine and more. Listen to "Along The Main Divide" and check out the album on Bandcamp.
    Tracklist 01. Along The Main Divide 02. Clear Night, Port Hills 03. Twilight Conversation 04. Rainshadow Near Christchurch 05. Rain Receding 06. Escape Velocity 07. Downtown To Vesuvio 08. The Road To Diamond Harbour 09. Winding It Out In The High Country 10. Norwester Head On 11. The Last Kakapo Dreams Of Flying 12. Hollyford Valley Day 1 13. Hollyford Valley Day 2 14. Hollyford Valley Day 3 Yellow Electric will release Scenes From The South Island on November 29th, 2019.