Mars89 organizes protest rave in Tokyo: 'We Dance Together. We Fight Together.'

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  • Mari Sakurai and Miru Shinoda are also set to DJ at the October 26th demonstration in the Shibuya ward.
  • Mars89 organizes protest rave in Tokyo: 'We Dance Together. We Fight Together.' image
  • Mars89 is putting on a protest rave in Tokyo tomorrow. The local DJ and composer is aiming to unite the community in Shibuya on Saturday, October 26th, under the slogan, "We Dance Together. We Fight Together." The demonstration takes aim against many societal problems—"You should probably get mad at these ridiculous things," he says—such as racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, lack of work-life balance, low wages, undertaxing of the nation's wealthiest citizens and corporations, government censorship, displacement of homeless people and many more issues. Mari Sakurai and Miru Shinoda are set to DJ the protest, which will meet at 5:30 PM local time from Galaxy????? then finish at Yoyogi Park. Mars89 also shared the following statement about the protest's intentions.
    When kick and bass in dance music moves your body, you will feel your body existing and affirm it positively. Dance is a behavior that makes yourself recognize, and it could be a way of resistance in the society where oppression caused by totalitarianism is spread. We dance, advocate and raise objections by affirming ourselves. That reminds us of the worth of individuals and problems inside this country. As existences of ourselves, we resist the situation overspread in this country.
    Mars89 just released a new EP, Successor Project, minting Amy Becker's new label, Acrylic. See Mars89's original thread explaining the protest, and follow his Twitter for updates about the march.