Bufiman to release debut LP, Albumsi, via Dekmantel

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  • It's due on November 25th.
  • Bufiman to release debut LP, Albumsi, via Dekmantel image
  • Bufiman will release his debut full-length, Albumsi, through Dekmantel next month. Due out November 25th, the 12-track LP is the second Bufiman (AKA Jan Schulte and Wolf Müller) release for the Amsterdam label, following 2017's Peace Moves EP. It's also his first record since leaving his day job of 11 years. "For the first time in my life I suddenly had a studio, a bit of gear and three to four days of time every week at once," said Bufiman. "Before I might have had one or two of these components, but never all at once." Listen to clips.
    Tracklist 01. Galaxy 02. Sara Sara 03. Hoolock Rock 04. Blow Your Head 05. Pantasy 06. News From The Treetops 07. Langsam Aber Slowly 08. I Think I Got It Under Control Now 09. Well, Traumhaft 10. Coolness 11. Apo-Calypso 12. Rave The Forest Dekmantel will release Albumsi on November 25th, 2019.