Fumiya Tanaka reveals new album for Perlon, Right Moment

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  • It's the fifth LP from the Japanese minimal mainstay.
  • Fumiya Tanaka reveals new album for Perlon, Right Moment image
  • Fumiya Tanaka will release his fifth album, the triple-LP Right Moment, via Perlon this December. The eight-track full-length continues the longstanding partnership between Tanaka, the Japanese techno pioneer, and Perlon, the genre-defining minimal label. Last year, Tanaka released two EPs on the imprint, AB and CD. His previous LP, 2016's You Find The Key, also came through the well-established German imprint. This year, Tanaka has released two 12-inches, We Would Like To Do Song For The Step and Stinking Man, via his own Sundance label. Earlier this year, RA's Midori Hayakawa sat down with Tanaka to discuss his long history in Japanese techno, his move to Berlin and the philosophy behind his DJing and production. Check out the feature here. Listen to clips from Right Moment over at deejay.de.
    Tracklist A1 Right Moment B1 Live Like Music C1 Forever Friends D1 Breakthrough D2 I Want To Be A Human Being E1 Welcome To Chaos E2 The Reason Is Always Different F1 Birth Of The Perfect Club Perlon will release Right Moment on December 2nd, 2019.