Grimes says her fifth album, Miss_Anthrop0cene, is done

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  • Her most recent LP, Art Angels, was released in 2015.
  • Grimes says her fifth album, Miss_Anthrop0cene, is done image
  • Grimes has revealed some details about her next album. In a recent Instagram post, the Canadian artist replied to a fan's request for a release date, saying the "album is way done." She attributes the delay to her releasing under an independent label where "it takes three months to even print vinyl," and not having "priority at facility to make the physical stuff." There will also be "some features with other people," Grimes adds, calling it a "productive year." Earlier this year, Grimes said the album would be called Miss_Anthrop0cene and that it would focus on climate change. This forthcoming album will be Grimes' fifth LP, and her first in four years, after Art Angels. The Canada artist released "Violence," the latest single off the new album, last month. Read Grimes' original post.
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