Italian club Jaiss will reopen after 15 years

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  • The Florence venue was forced to close in 2004.
  • Italian club Jaiss will reopen after 15 years image
  • Jaiss is back. After being forced to close in 2004 for "administrative reasons," the Italian club will reopen next month. The opening party will take place on October 19th, with Perc, Francesco Zappalà, Fabio MC and Brian Fasano down to perform. Future parties are still TBA. Jaiss opened in 1994, in the same era of Italian techno that birthed clubs like Cocoricò, which closed back in June while awaiting a bankruptcy hearing. (The space was initially named "PG" when it was first opened in the '70s.) Since Jaiss closed 15 years ago, the team has continued putting on parties in various spaces, such as Mind Club for its 25th anniversary celebration in 2018. Jaiss has shared flyers and photos from the archives on Instagram. See those highlights here.