Listening bar Jean-Louis La Nuit opens in Paris

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  • Gabriel from D.KO has curated a series of listening sessions hosted with the likes of Zaltan, Leo Pol, Favorite Recordings and more.
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  • A new listening bar has opened in Paris. Jean-Louis La Nuit, which resides in the first arrondissement, boasts the "futurist-retro" Harmony 5001 analogue soundsystem, which was originally designed in the 1980s by French sound designers AESD and has now been relaunched and developed for the present day with the venue's support. It will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 6 PM to 4 AM, and will also act as a fashion showroom and exhibition space. "The music that has accompanied you over the last 40 years is transformed," Damien, the director of Jean-Louis La Nuit, says. "What you thought was your music becomes a new story—we are bringing a culture of high-fidelity to Parisians." Gabriel from D.KO has curated a series of forthcoming listening sessions, which will host artists like Leo Pol, Favorite Recordings with Aldorande, Hugo LX, Zaltan of Antinote, Flabaire, OCB of Casa Voyager and more. Record shops like Heartbeat Vinyl, Betino's, Superfly and Syncrophone will also be hosting future sessions. Tonight's opening party features Mézigue, Paul Cut, Jim Irie and Mud Deep, with Zaltan, Aurèle and Nathan Melja playing tomorrow. Watch the latest installment of RA and Asahi Super Dry's film series on listening bars, which features London's Brilliant Corners.