Paris club Dehors Brut forced to close by police

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  • The move follows an alleged drug-related death outside the club last weekend.
  • Paris club Dehors Brut forced to close by police image
  • Paris police have forced Dehors Brut to close. In a French-language Facebook post, the club, which is run by the former owners of Concrete, say that they were told to shut down the club four hours before their event was due to start tonight. The police ordered the cancellation of all scheduled events at the venue. The decision comes in the wake of a death allegedly caused by overdose outside the club last weekend on August 31st. The Dehors Brut team has defended themselves, saying they've always been the subject of extra scrutiny and that they have tried to work harder to follow the rules as a result. They also call on the French public, the Paris municipal government, regional health organizations and the police to educate people about drugs rather than closing down venues. "That responsibility no longer rests on the shoulders of entrepreneurs of cultural places... in the face of a national health problem," a translated version of the statement reads. There's no word on a potential reopening date yet, or what happens next. Dehors Brut opened in July as a temporary replacement for Concrete, following that club's closure after failing to secure a lease.