Björk and Fever Ray remix each other

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  • The Knife also throw in a remix of Björk's "Features Creatures."
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  • Fever Ray and Björk have done a remix swap. For the new release—which will come out on vinyl via One Little Indian and Mute on November 1—the artists took turns remixing each other. Björk takes on Fever Ray's "This Country Makes It Hard To Fuck," from 2017's Plunge album, and adds her own vocals, while Fever Ray remixes "Features Creatures" from Björk's Utopia. The Knife—the Swedish band of which Fever Ray is also a member—also remix "Features Creatures." Fever Ray released a live album last month, while Björk has spent the year performing a new audiovisual piece called Cornucopia. Listen to Fever Ray's remix of Björk.
    Listen to Björk's remix of Fever Ray.
    Listen to The Knife's remix of Björk.
    Tracklist 01. Björk - Features Creatures (Fever Ray Remix) 02. Björk - Features Creatures (The Knife Remix) 03. Fever Ray - This Country Makes It Hard To Fuck (Björk Remix) One Little Indian will release the three remixes on November 1st, 2019.