Rrose reveals debut solo album, Hymn To Moisture

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  • The eight-tracker will arrive on the producer's Eaux imprint this November.
  • Rrose reveals debut solo album, Hymn To Moisture image
  • Rrose's debut solo album, Hymn To Moisture, is coming this November. Following multiple full-length collaborations and solo EPs over eight years, Rrose has produced eight new tracks for their first LP, Hymn To Moisture. It'll arrive on Rrose's EAUX label on November 8th. Before recording under Rrose in 2011, the producer released under the names Sutekh and Seth Horvitz, among other aliases. Rrose's most recent release is the collaborative LP The Goldennnn Meeenn + Sheenn with Charlemagne Palestine. Listen to "Columns."
    Listen back to Rrose's RA podcast from 2011.
    Tracklist 01. Mine 02. Bandage 03. Columns 04. Saliva 05. Dissolve 06. Horizon 07. Open Cell 08. Hymn To Moisture EAUX will release Hymn To Moisture on November 8th, 2019.