Palmbomen II launches new label, World Of Paint

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  • The first release, an album from Ukranian producer Antenna, is out in September.
  • Palmbomen II launches new label, World Of Paint image
  • Palmbomen II has a new label called World Of Paint. Kai Hugo has been releasing idiosyncratic, live-focused synth music for labels like Beats In Space and Dekmantel over the past ten years. The Antwerp-based artist sees the new imprint as an outlet for electronic albums meant for home listening made by artists who perform their music live. As with the 2018 compilation Memories Of Cindy, a heavily conceptual set accompanied by Hugo's own dreamy films, video will be a crucial element for World Of Paint. The label's first release is a full-length from Ukranian-born, Rotterdam-based producer Antenna titled Quiet fx. Sasha Renkas' Antenna project explores the unpredictability of '80s and '90s hardware, and the 13-track LP was edited down from hours of improvisation. Renkas worked with Hugo on the visual concept on the label as well as three videos which will accompany the full-length. The label also has albums from Hugo's fictional Cindy character, Innershades and Palmbomen II himself in the works. World Of Paint has announced an ADE showcase set to go down Thursday, October 17th at Paradiso with all the aforementioned acts as well as Hugo's frequent collaborator, Betonkust. Watch the teaser for the first Antenna video.
    Tracklist 01. Tele 02. Uncertain & Exciting 03. Slavic 04. Bird fx 05. Factory 06. World That Lives 07. Summer With C 08. Soft 09. Visa 10. They Won't Regret 11. Night Shift 12. Alwaysthere 13. This Room World Of Paint will release Quiet fx on September 29th, 2019. Photo credit: Manuela Vilanova