BITE to release debut album from SARIN and EP from Adam X

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  • There will also be a SARIN remix EP featuring Broken English Club, Phase Fatale and more.
  • BITE to release debut album from SARIN and EP from Adam X image
  • BITE has revealed its next three records. The label, run by Florian Engerling and Phase Fatale, will drop a three-track EP from industrial techno lifer Adam X called Midnight Sun on September 6th. Following that, BITE will release the debut album from the Berlin-based Iranian-Canadian producer SARIN (AKA Emad Dabiri), who has already put out a couple of EPs through BITE. Moral Cleansing adds "subtle pop and electro elements" to Dabiri's "industrial technoid electronics," the press release says, "with a greater focus on groove and melody, syncopated basslines, FM synthesis and his signature cut-up sampling." The album is inspired by Dabiri's childhood growing up in "wartime Iran" and his "obsessive channelling of historical and geopolitical events, referencing past horrors and conflicts while also hinting at those that may come," the press release adds. After Moral Cleansing comes out on November 15th, BITE will release a remix 12-inch in January of next year. Broken English Club, Privacy, Phase Fatale and Teste will feature on that one. Watch a teaser for Moral Cleansing.
    Tracklist Adam X - Midnight Sun A1 Midnight Sun A2 The Dead Of Dawn B The Evacuation SARIN - Moral Cleansing A1 The Culling A2 Psychic Driving A3 Amiriyah A4 SAVAK B1 Repression B2 Exocet II B3 Images In Your Mind B4 Inextinguishable Fire SARIN - Moral Cleansing Remixes A1 SAVAK (Broken English Club Remix) A2 The Culling (Privacy Remix) B1 Repression (Phase Fatale Remix) B2 Inextinguishable Fire (Teste Remix) BITE will release Midnight Sun on September 6th, 2019, Moral Cleansing on November 15th, 2019 and Moral Cleansing Remixes in January 2020. Photo credit: Richard Söderberg