Public Possession announces Chill Pill compilation featuring Bullion, Suzanne Kraft, Tornado Wallace

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  • The 14-track set was inspired by the original Balearic and chillout sound of Ibiza.
  • Public Possession announces Chill Pill compilation featuring Bullion, Suzanne Kraft, Tornado Wallace image
  • Munich outfit Public Possession has announced a new, full-length compilation. Chill Pill was inspired by the original Balearic and chillout sound, as well as the natural beauty, of Ibiza. The collection includes contributions from previous Public Possession affiliates like Bell Towers, Obalski and András, as well as friends of the label such as Bullion, Tornado Wallace, AKSK (Suzanne Kraft & Adda Kalehi) and Sui Zhen. We spoke with Marvin from Public Possession about Chill Pill. How did the idea for Chill Pill come about? Beginning of this year our friends Manolo Helecho and Rosa Verdín from Eivissa Gardening & Recreation Center approached us with the idea of soundtracking their little habitat in Ibiza. It's a place we got introduced to by the mother of a friend many years ago. Since then, we've been regular visitors bringing along friends to share the special experience. Some of them—like Bell Towers, Sui Zhen, Tornado Wallace and Fazer—have contributed music to the compilation. The video footage was shot by our friend Ferdinand Feldmann. Once the idea was born the whole process has been very natural and easygoing. What's the current state of the chillout sound? How has it remained vital in the present while remaining true to the original vision? Not quite sure if we are experts in the field, but we always felt attracted to music that one might categorize as "easy listening." Having said that, it seems like music considered suitable for relaxing or hanging out at a bar, beach, cafe, etc. has become increasingly polluted by a tech house-y approach, especially places that claim to have a bond to nature and encourage healthy lifestyle seem susceptible for that phenomenon. We wanted to bring back part of the original Balearic intention, diverse, fun and maybe a bit cheesy. What's the ideal setting for listening to Chill Pill? I think we'll leave Rosa and Manolos suggestion here, stating: "While consuming Chill Pill, a healthy mix of relaxation and hedonism is recommended." Check out a video teaser for Chill Pill.
    Tracklist 01. RIP Swirl - Spring Break 02. Tornado Wallace - Mermaid Beach 03. AKSK - Special Times & Places 04. Møzaika - Aloha 05. DJ Cat - Story 3 (Long Version) 06. Sui Zhen - Diane 07. Obalski - Britney 08. Fazer - Khanda 09. Nice Girl - Sugar 10. P.O.P. - Eivissa 11. Aksel & Aino - Brian By The Sea 12. Bell Towers - See You At Sandy's 13. Andras - Celestine 14. Bullion - Heartrunner Public Possession will release Chill Pill on August 23rd, 2019.