The Martinez Brothers edit D'Angelo, War, Janet Jackson on new mixtape

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  • Space Jams Vol. 1 is out now.
  • The Martinez Brothers edit D'Angelo, War, Janet Jackson on new mixtape image
  • The Martinez Brothers have released a new mixtape of edits called Space Jams Vol. 1. The Bronx-born duo says their inclination towards edits came from a conversation with Danny Tenaglia. "He said something to us that really rang true," they explain in the press release. "To separate yourself as a DJ you have to make your own edits." The edits on Space Jams Vol. 1 range from disco to R&B to hip-hop, including their versions of War, Fatback Band, Odyssey, Janet Jackson and Lil Yachty. Many of the tracks on the mixtape were created with their marathon 24 and 32 hour sets at Miami's Club Space in mind. Space Jams Vol. 1 is available to stream on YouTube and SoundCloud, and can also be purchased on Bandcamp. In terms of their own productions, The Martinez Brothers have been in a collaborative mood over the past few years, working with the likes of Tiga, Louie Vega and Mathew Jonson. Ricardo Villalobos and Virgil Abloh recently remixed tracks they made with Tiga. Listen to Space Jams Vol. 1.
    Tracklist 01. Sir Speedy - Amor Con La Ropa (TMB Mix) 02. Smoking At Kendogs Interlude 03. Chantal Curtis - Hitman (TMB Mix) 04. Michael Jackson - In The Closet (TMB Mix) 05. Dillas Donuts // Dooms Hoe Cake$ Interlude 06. D'Angelo - Betray My Heart (TMB Mix) 07. War - Galaxy (TMB Mix) 08. 4 U Shaolin Traphouse 09. Lil Yachty - Saint Laurent YSL feat. Lil Baby (TMB Mix) 10. Fatback Band - Going To See My Baby (TMB Mix) 11. Odyssey - Use It Up & Wear It Out (TMB Mix) 12. Janet Jackson - What Have You Done For Me Lately (TMB Mix) 13. Space Jams End Credits Space Jams Vol. 1 is out now.