Rabih Beaini's Morphine Records announces four new albums, two-day Berghain showcase

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  • LPs from Upperground Orchestra, MA, Contagious and Stefan Fraunberger are on the way.
  • Rabih Beaini's Morphine Records announces four new albums, two-day Berghain showcase image
  • Morphine Records is releasing four albums between October and November. More than two years since its last release, Rabih Beaini's label will return later this year with LPs from Upperground Orchestra, MA, Contagious and Stefan Fraunberger. The Upperground Orchestra LP, titled Euganea, was recorded at the Renaissance-era Villa dei Vescovi outside Padua in 2016 during the Musica Veneta residency supported by Fondo Ambiente Italiano. It's the four-piece electronic jazz group's first release since 2012's The Eupen Takes. The lineup for Euganea features Beaini on electronics and spatula, Tommaso Cappellato on drums and percussion, Alvise Seggi on bass and oud plus Piero Bittolo Bon on woodwinds and electronics. The five-track LP is out October 7th. October 21st sees the release of Quellgeister#3-Bussd by Austrian artist and composer Stefan Fraunberger. Performed entirely on an organ housed in a disused church in the Romanian village of Bussd, it's the third instalment of his Quellgeister series, which explores the influence of the "non-human on terrestric organ-machines." November sees Tokyo artist MA supplying AMA, an LP combining "ritualistic ancient Japanese lyrics and vocal methods" with blown-out experimental beats. Finally, a trio comprising trumpet player Sabine Ercklentz, pianist Andrea Neumann and Mieko Suzuki on electronics and turntables, will release a debut, self-titled record under the name Contagious. They are out of the 4th and 18th respectively. The releases are being supported by a two-day showcase at Berghain running October 10th and 11th, with a bill featuring Japanese band GOAT alongside Sugai Ken, Thomas Brinkmann, 2/5BZ, regular Beaini-collaborator Vincent Moon and Mario Batkovic. More names will be announced in the future. Since launching in 2005, Morphine has connected dance music with experimental practice, releasing EPs from the likes of Metasplice, Madteo and Container. In more recent years, it has explored a more avant-garde approach with an international flavour, presenting work from important figures like Pauline Oliveros, Ione and Pierre Bastien along with Indonesian acts like Senyawa and Tarawangsawelas. Listen to previews of all four records.
    Tracklist Upperground Orchestra - Euganea A1 Kaigo A2 Barene B1 Sinopia B2 Ghebi B3 Hephaistos Stefan Fraunberger - Quellgeister#3 Bussd A1 Invention A2 Elegie A3 Praeludium B1 Bagatelle - des Teufels Mastsau B2 Impromptus B3 Toccata und Fuge B4 Adagio - Hirtengesang MA - AMA 01. MA 02. Sanzen 03. Qaidenpa 04. Asov 05. Yoromeki 06. Shoqsh 07. Koeh 08. Matahajimal 09. Beehyden 10. Oni 11. Nja 12. Izawav 13. Konsen 14. Uzu 15. Atz 16. Michimake 17. Homla 18. Tama Morphine Records will release Euganea and Quellgeister#3-Bussd on October 7th and 21st, 2019. Shoqsh and Contagious are due out November 4th and 18th, 2019