Native Instruments' long-awaited Massive X synth is out now

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  • The follow up to the influential original offers plenty of wavetables and strong modulation options.
  • Native Instruments' long-awaited Massive X synth is out now image
  • Native Instruments has released Massive X. More than a decade since the release of the era-defining Massive soft synth, the team that developed the original has completed a greatly expanded update. Massive X was reportedly developed from scratch, but still builds on the heritage of its predecessor. Offering two wavetable oscillators with 170 wavetables, Massive X's sound source section also features ten oscillator modes, a pair of phase modulation oscillators and a further auxiliary modulation input, providing considerable scope for sound designers. A new routing system for modulation and audio further streamlines the sound design process, allowing you to connect any output to any input in a fashion familiar from modular synthesisers. Massive users will be pleased to know the so-called "Saturn ring" approach to controlling modulation has been maintained in Massive X plus there are now nine slots for generating LFOs, envelopes, tracker and performer modulators to route around your patch. The filter section is similarly well-spec'd, with options for serial or parallel routing paths and a comb filter, in addition to a wide range of low-, band- and high-pass shapes. New users have a large preset library available to help them quickly get results out of the complex synth. You can purchase Massive X from the Native Instruments website for $199 or as a $149 upgrade for existing Massive users. Massive X will also be available in Native's Komplete series of software bundles. Watch a promo video for Massive X.