Octo Octa and Eris Drew launch new label, T4T LUV NRG

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  • Drew helms the first release, the Raving Disco Breaks Vol. 1 mixtape, out now.
  • Octo Octa and Eris Drew launch new label, T4T LUV NRG image
  • Octo Octa and Eris Drew are starting a label. T4T LUV NRG, which the press release says is inspired by the pair's love of "DJ culture, nature, magic and each other," launches with a mixtape from Drew. Clocking in at over 70 minutes, Raving Disco Breaks Vol. 1 comes together using many of the techniques, such as "'doubles' tricks" and "hot mixing," that the Chicago DJ explains in her art of DJing feature from last November. The mixtape is available on a donation basis and in a limited run of cassettes via Bandcamp. It's also streaming in full on SoundCloud. All profits will go to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, which "works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine gender identity and expression." T4T LUV NRG's second release will be an album from Octo Octa, her first since 2017's Where Are We Going?. Partners Eris Drew and Octo Octa have previously collaborated on a split-EP for Naive, the RA-recommended Devotion. More recently, Octo Octa released the For Lovers EP for Technicolour. Listen to Raving Disco Breaks Vol. 1.
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    Tracklist A Good News Boppers! B I've Got A Story To Tell... Raving Disco Breaks Vol. 1 is out now.