Amon Tobin reveals new 'indie rock' project, Only Child Tyrant

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  • His new album, Time To Run, will land in July.
  • Amon Tobin reveals new 'indie rock' project, Only Child Tyrant image
  • Amon Tobin has a new project, Only Child Tyrant, and a new album to go with it. Time To Run is the first release under the name Only Child Tyrant, which is new alias described as "intense, angular indie rock made by acid-dipped machines... channeling a stroppy, relentless kid who’s been listening to his uncle’s collection of rock (from Beefheart and Zeppelin to Fugazi via Dick Dale and beyond)," according to the press release. "I've often made my favorite things when I wasn’t overthinking things, says Tobin. "This record came about over a period of time between things I may well have been overthinking. It's fun to program drums that sound live and fake at the same time, to make synths sound like guitars and have guitars played by robots." The album will come out via Tobin's label Nomark, and its vinyl release is part of Bandcamp's crowdfunded vinyl pilot project. (You can check that out here.) Earlier this year, Tobin released the first album under his own name in eight years, Fear In A Handful Of Dust. Listen to the opening track, "Monkey Box."
    Tracklist 01. Monkey Box 02. Father's Son feat. Figueroa 03. Solid Grey Zebra 04. Long Down 05. King Of Kong 06. Time To Run 07. Eight Bit Psyche 08. Father's Son (Instrumental) Nomark will release Time To Run on July 26th, 2019.