Still Music to reissue two LPs from Chicago label Hot Mix 5

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  • Ralphi Rosario, Larry Heard, Mickey Oliver and more feature on Sweet House Chicago and Acid.
  • Still Music to reissue two LPs from Chicago label Hot Mix 5 image
  • Chicago label Still Music will reissue two albums originally released on Hot Mix 5 Records: Sweet House Chicago and Acid. Mickey Oliver, Kenny Jason and Ralphi Rosario, three members of WBMX Chicago's Hot Mix 5 DJ crew, started Hot Mix 5 Records in 1986. Sweet House Chicago, originally released in 1989, is a "perfect snapshot of Chicago in the late Eighties," according to Still Music, and features tracks by DJ Pierre, Mickey Oliver, Ralphi Rosario and more. Acid, meanwhile, was the "the first and only full length [record]" on the label. Released in 1988, it includes two tracks by Larry Heard under his Fingers alias ("The Juice" and "Ecstasy") as well as Phortune and Armando. Still Music and its sub-labels, J/A/C/K, Past Due and Stilove4music, have released and reissued records by Larry Dixon, Frankie Knuckles, Mr Raoul K, Basic Soul Unit and more. Listen to a sampler of the releases.
    Tracklist Sweet House Chicago 01. Pierre's Fantasy Club - I Can't Stop For You ?02. Mickey Oliver & Joe Magic - Take It To The Top 0?3. Mickey Oliver - I Need A Beat (To Turn Me On) 04. Phortune - House Rights (Fight For It) ?05. Ralphi Rosario - Suavesito ?06. Mickey Oliver - Anticipate ?07. Mickey Oliver Featuring Darci 'Mor - Lost Me Boy 08. Jamie - I Want Your Love ?09. Anticipate - 12” Remix (By Mickey Oliver) ?10. I Need A Beat - 12” Remix (By Ralph Rosario) Acid 01. Pierre's Fantasy Club - Dreamgirl 02. Phortune - Can You Feel The Bass? 03. Armando - 151 04. Fingers - The Juice 05. Fingers - Ecstasy 06. Phortune - Jiggerwatts 07. Cool McCool - World Turn's Around 08. Mickey Oliver - Pump Up The Acid Still Music will release Sweet House Chicago on June 14, 2019 and Acid on June 21, 2019.