ESP Institute reveals second ambient album from Ripperton

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  • Contrails, which comes in mixed and unmixed versions, is out in June.
  • ESP Institute reveals second ambient album from Ripperton image
  • Ripperton is putting out another album on ESP Institute. Raphaël Ripperton debuted on the label run by Andrew Hogge, AKA Lovefingers, with an ambient album called Sight Seeing last year. The new record follows suit, but where Sight Seeing was inspired by Ripperton's travels, Contrails has less of a narrative, bar a quote that appears near the middle of the LP: "I'm afraid of what I might find, but I'm even more afraid of not facing this fear. I love you. I love you more than my life." The LP features 14 new tracks spread out over a double-LP. The digital version also includes a mixed version. Listen to "Ghetto Berlino."
    Tracklist 01. First Snow 02. Pendant Qu'ils Dorment 03. Ghetto Berlino 04. Lonely Walk 05. Vespa 06. Lavaux 07. Love Is Not Enough 08. Mona 09. Where The Wind Blows 10. A Little Rain 11. Dédale 12. Marble Zone 13. Daïmon 14. Philémon ESP Institute will release Contrails on June 7th, 2019