Peggy Gou mixes DJ-Kicks

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  • It's meant to portray her musical journey, featuring tracks from Aphex Twin, Spacetime Continuum, Andrew Weatherall and an exclusive track from Gou herself.
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  • Peggy Gou has mixed the 69th edition of DJ-Kicks for !K7. Gou follows Laurel Halo's entry in the beloved series, selecting tracks that have been formative to her experience as a listener, DJ and musician. The 73-minute mix features recently released tracks from Pearson Sound, Deniro and JRMS (whose contribution is forthcoming on Gou's new imprint), as well as songs by major influences such as Aphex Twin and Andrew Weatherall. Also included is the exclusive track "Hungboo," which is, according to the press release, the first track Gou ever produced. The two other exclusives come from Hiver and I:Cube, the latter having recently remixed her landmark 2018 single "It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)." The striking cover art, which features the Seoul-born, Berlin-based artist sitting next to a tiger, was shot by Jonas Lindstroem. "As the first Korean woman to contribute to the DJ-Kicks series, I wanted to do something from my heritage, so I chose the tiger, which is very important in Korean traditions and a metaphor for my personality," she says. "As it is not humane to shoot with a real tiger, [we] used a library image to make a composite. The tiger 'disappears' when you turn to the inside-cover photo, to highlight that these beautiful animals are already extinct in my home country and in danger of disappearing from our world entirely." DJ-Kicks: Peggy Gou is due out June 28th and follows an especially busy stretch for Gou. Last month, she released the Moment EP and launched her own label, Gudu Records. She continues to tour the world, with upcoming dates at De School, FORM Arcosanti, EDC Japan and more. Listen to Hiver's "Pert."
    Tracklist 01. Spacetime Continuum - Fluresence 02. Peggy Gou - Hungboo 03. Pearson Sound - Earwig 04. Pegasus - Perseguido Por El Rayo 05. Sly And Lovechild - The World According To Sly And Lovechild (Andrew Weatherall Soul Of Europe Mix) 06. Dorisburg - Rytm804 07. Hiver - Pert 08. Kyle Hall - Flemmenup 09. DMX Krew - EPR Phenomena 10. JRMS - 3 11. Shades Of Rhythm - Exorcist 12. Kode9 - Magnetic City 13. The System - Vampirella 14. Black Merlin - Kundu 15. Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn 16. R-Tyme - Illusion (Mayday Remix) 17. Psyche - Crackdown 18. Deniro - Epirus 19. I:Cube - Cassette Jam 1993 !K7 will release DJ-Kicks: Peggy Gou on June 28th, 2019. Photo credit: Mok Jungwook