Pioneer DJ announces 16-track hardware sequencer for $599

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    Wed, Apr 24, 2019, 11:30
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  • The SQUID offers extensive CV and MIDI control at a lower price than many competitors.
  • Pioneer DJ announces 16-track hardware sequencer for $599 image
  • Pioneer DJ is releasing a 16-track hardware sequencer called SQUID. SQUID, which is short for "SeQUencer Inspirational Device," can sequence 16 instruments at once, acting as a central controller for a hardware studio or live setup. With two CV/Gate outputs for controlling modular equipment, clock and DIN sync for vintage drum machines and synths, and USB and MIDI terminals for modern gear and computers, SQUID is designed to handle instruments from different eras with a single interface. 16 LED pads are used for entering step sequences and making melodic ideas, which can be fleshed out with automated functions, such as a Harmonizer for creating chords and a Randomizer for generating new patterns. From there, you can change the direction and speed of individual sequencers or modulate them with a new Groove Bend feature, which Pioneer says is "the first-ever function on a sequencer to change trigger timing in real time via a slider." SQUID is due out at the end of April for $599. Learn more about its features on the Pioneer DJ website. Read a review of Pioneer DJ's Toraiz sampler. Watch a walkthrough of SQUID.