New Moscow club Mutabor opens in former machinery plant

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  • Ricardo Villalobos, Nicolas Lutz and Zoviet France are booked to play the club, which launches this weekend.
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  • Mutabor, a new club located in Moscow, will open this weekend. The club, which is operated by an anonymous community of underground artists, will open on April 27th with live performances from Can-collaborator Phew, ambient/industrial pioneers Zoviet France and Ihor Tsymbrovsky. Other upcoming bookings include Ricardo Villalobos, Nicolas Lutz, Sleeparchive, Regis and Ninos Du Brasil, along with Russian acts like Dasha Redkina, Vlada and Nikita Zabelin. Moscow club promoters Rabitsa, the Volks and System 108 will throw parties at Mutabor, which will accommodate multiple stages indoors and outdoors in the summer months. Mutabor tells Resident Advisor its plans "go far beyond nightlife," with artists such as theatre director Oleg Glushkov, contemporary academic musicians Kymatic and "various performance and installation art activists" involved in the club's launch. Check out photos of Mutabor.