Pioneer DJ launches new portable DDJ-800 controller

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    Tue, Apr 16, 2019, 14:32
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  • The two-channel design is built for easy transportation.
  • Pioneer DJ launches new portable DDJ-800 controller image
  • Pioneer DJ has announced a new product in its range of DJ performance controllers. Weighing in under five kilograms and transportable in an optional carry bag, the DDJ-800 is positioned as Pioneer's solution for DJs on the go. Like the four-channel DDJ-1000, you can view information like BPM, loop points and track position via a display within the jog wheel. In a nod to MCs, the two mic inputs are monitored by a feedback controller, which steps on the screeching frequencies that often plague microphones in loud environments. The two-channel mixer and adjacent decks follow design cues from Pioneer's club-standard NXS2 line, meaning skills learnt on the DDJ-800 can be easily applied to other Pioneer rigs. Importantly, the mixer has proper phono and line inputs for connecting turntables or other media players, allowing the DDJ-800 to integrate into or serve as a hub for larger set ups. In addition to the usual combo of Sound Colour and Beat FX, 16 performance pads can be used to control hot cues, loops and effects, or function as a keyboard for triggering and pitching samples. There is currently no release date, but the DDJ-800 will cost $899. Read reviews of the DDJ-1000 and the NXS2 range. Watch a promo video for the DDJ-800.