Dana Ruh and Jamie Fry are starting a new music space, KMA60, in Berlin

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    Tue, Apr 16, 2019, 12:05
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  • Located in Neukölln, the multi-purpose venue, record shop and studio space opens on April 24th.
  • Dana Ruh and Jamie Fry are starting a new music space, KMA60, in Berlin image
  • Berlin has a new music space called KMA60, run by Dana Ruh and Jamie Fry. Since 2015, the two artists have operated KMA60 as a distribution and label management company. Now the new, multi-functional space in Neukölln, which opens next Wednesday, April 24th, expands this endeavor, incorporating studios, a distribution company, a pop-up record shop and an in-house label called KMA60 Rezpektiva. After being pushed out of their Kreuzberg studio last year due to gentrification, Ruh and Fry were motivated to create a place that supported the local artist community. "After we saw some locations we were interested in, the landlord offered us a studio space, a place to run the distribution side of the company and even a place to sell records," says Ruh. "So then we came up with the idea of KMA60 being a musical space, and things have grown from there. It made sense, as people were already coming here to pick up records anyway from the labels we oversee." "With the new space we will provide the labels we work with, extended friends and like-minded individuals a place to showcase what they’re all about," adds Fry. "We will have some unique releases in our shop as well as some notable second-hand collections to dig [through] provided by our close colleagues and friends." KMA60's first public event starts at 5 PM on opening night, with DJ sets from Ostgut Ton, Cabaret and Timeless affiliates, plus an exhibition featuring photographer and illustrator Lotte Thor.